Price list

Wingo prices are simple and transparent so that you always have an overview of all costs of your sports betting business. Our entire range of products is available to you. No matter how many terminals, no matter how many shops, your monthly costs only depend on the betting turnover.

One-time setup fee

One-time costs to set up your Wingo business. Our experts set up your wingo and make adjustments depending on the selected package. When changing your wingo package, the setup fee is charged again.

Running costs

The monthly costs for your wingo business depend on the amount of your betting turnover and amount to 2.5% of the turnover, but at least the minimum costs, depending on your wingo package. More turnover for you means more technical effort for us. 

Example: You have chosen our wingo Premium and pay a one-time setup fee of €2.000at the beginning. The monthly costs amount to 2.5% of your betting turnover but at least €2.000. If your monthly betting turnover increases to €90.000 in this example, the monthly costs are €2.250 (2.5 % of €90.000).   

wingo Standard

1.000 | month or 2.5% of the turnover
  • All Retail Products
  • All Online Products
  • Standard wingoweb domain
  • Standard colors and logo
  • Your standard wingo package
  • Can be canceled monthly

In the wingo standard package, your customers bet on the standard products with the classic dark wingo look and feel. There are no further customizations available in this package.

Make your customers feel good about betting with you. With an individual wingo design, your customers always know with whom they are betting - either via their or via their own domain *.

Choose from light or dark designs and the various wingo professional colors or choose your own.

* Own domain possible - € 500 per month for DDoS protection